Gentlemen of Riga in National Film Festival 2016

„Latvian Code” documentary about cycle messengers Gentlemen of Riga won 3 awards during National Film Festival Lielais Kristaps.


The Festival is the most important cinema event in Latvia, where newest Latvian movies are screened and analyzed as well as traditions of Latvian cinema are appreciated.

This year the 28th Festival award ceremony was held and documentary Gentlemen of Riga was awarded for the best short documentary, best documentary operator and editing producer.

Short documentary program Latvian Code is produced by Television network Latvijas Televīzija and National Film Centre of Latvia and the financial support of State Culture Capital Foundation.

In 2015 from on of the Latvian code supported documentaries became producer Adriana Roze documentary Gentlemen of Riga. The plot has two story lines one about cycle messenger community and the other to which communities we think we belong and how it affects our behavior. Every one of us belongs to different communities or social groups and to me the most interesting thing is how interaction with one of those groups changes our behavior, communication and attitude admits Adriana.

She feels she belongs to observing and thinking citizens, because she likes to observe and find the answer to the question what motivates our action and behavior, that is what she speaks about in her artworks and movies.

During the process of making the movie cycle messengers saw themselves as a social group, a part of larger Riga citizen community. They realized their responsibility to other citizens and environment. Only after realizing ourselves as par of a larger group, we notice the consequences of our own behaviour and can see things from different perspective, huge thanks to Adriana for that.