Ltd Velokurjers participates in annual Riga Cycling Conference

On 25th of November 5th Riga Cycling Conference was held at Riga City Council where experts from Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and the Netherlands met to discuss the best practice of cycling infrastructure development in Europe as well as share the experience in cycling tourism, which was the topic of this year’s conference.

During the conference such important topics as hospitality industry readiness for cycling tourists, cycling tourism development within Europe, cycling signposting, newest map technologies, cycling tourism development in Riga and Latvia were discussed, as well as development of National Cycling plan of Latvia and how everyone can take part in it.

The Conference was opened by director of traffic department of Riga City Council E.Jakrins, director of Entrepreneurship competition department of Ministry of Economics of Latvia K.Soms and H.E. Peter Langenberg embassador of the Netherlands in Latvia.
Latvian Cyclists’ Union board of members awarded people who have made the efforts to promote the cycling in Latvia.

Also messengers said thanks to Adriana with a huge bouquet of roses for her efforts to introduce society with messenger world through the documentary.


Messengers support Riga Cycling Conference every year because they cycle too, promote cyling in Riga and Latvia, organize day and night cycling events, develop cycling routes and fix the bikes as well as support other events to promote cycling in Latvia.
This year there were 119 participants from Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, Belarus, Denmark and the Netherlands.