Bicycle repair and maintenance at our repair shop

Order the bicycle repair and we will transport the repairable bicycle from your address to the repair shop and back! To order the repair, call 20000041, our technicians will contact you to agree about the repair works, preferred term, bicycle transportation, repair/maintenance costs and the payment order.

For our regular clients it is possible to include bicycle repair costs in the monthly bill.

If you already know what particular spare parts or accessories you need, then you can search for them in catalogues of or partners:,, and tell our mechanic to order them for the repair.

If you do not know what you need, our mechanic will advise and help you select the most suitable spare parts!

 Price is shown without VAT.

Repair works Price


Full maintenance
Complete disassembly, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment of gears and brake adjustment, technical check.
Change of old cables, axes, cogwheel.
– Disassembly / maintenance of the planetary hub for an additional fee, by an individual agreement.
– The price does not include charges for replacement parts
35 €
Full one-gear bicycle maintenance (Fixed Gear, Singlespeed) 25 €
Spring maintenance (if there is no need to change the grease and parts).
– Adjustment of gears and brakes, chain lubrication, technical check, clearance testing and prevention in hubs, bottom bracket and power bowls (without disassembling the nodes).
– Parts change (excluding the price of the part).
17 €
Frame change 20 €

Tires and wheels

Tube / tire change 3 €
Tube / tire change for a Dutch bicycle rear wheel 7—12 €
Spoking of a new wheel 8 €
Wheel centering 3—8 €
Rim / hub change 12 €
Hub repair 4—6 €
Planetary hub (gears in hub) repair By an individual agreement


Adjustment / pad change 4 €
Cable change 4—6 €
Air bleeding of hydraulic brakes By an individual agreement


Adjustment 3—5 €
Change 5—6 €
Tube change 4—6 €

Rolling stock

Center axle change 9 €
Center axle repair 12 €
Crank change 7 €
Chain change 3 €
Cassette / freewheel / cogwheel change 3—5 €

Steering wheel and parts

Brake handle change 4,5 €
Shifter handle change 6 €
Steering wheel change 2—8 €
Steering wheel tape / handle change 1,5—6 €
Wheel bearings change 5,5—8 €
Wheel bearings repair 6,5—9 €
Fork change 9—14 €
Prices can change depending on the bicycle condition.
For other repair works, which are not shown in the price list, price is by an individual agreement.
We accept only clean bicycles. For dirty bicycles an additional 3-7€ washing fee is added.

Price is shown without VAT.