Latvia – the land where people cycle and write songs!

As it is known, the wonderful Latvian singer Animata Savadogo with the own composed song “Love injected” has achieved honorable 6th place in the final of Eurovision Song Contest this year. The success of the young and talented artist undoubtedly has helped to promote the recognition of Latvia in Europe. It is a great pleasure that Ltd “Velokurjers”, the member of Latvian Cyclists’ Association, has contributed to making the image of Latvia and Riga in the video postcard of Latvia during the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

The Eurovision Song Contest organizers choose its slogan and the theme for national video postcards each year. It is an opportunity for participants to highlight the features of the represented country. The slogan of the Eurovision Song Contest this year was “Building bridges” between countries, languages ​​and cultures. It was set that there should be an episode of a postman delivering a parcel to the participant of the contest in the postcard videos of countries.

The Head of Latvian Eurovision Song Contest delegation Zita Kaminska recommended using cycle courier instead of car courier delivering the parcel in the Latvian video postcard as in Latvia the service of cycle couriers is popular. This role was entrusted to the cycle courier Aldis from Ltd “Velokurjers”. Latvia turned out to be the only one of the participant countries in the video postcard of which the parcel to the participants was delivered by cycle courier.

The Chairman of Ltd “Velokurjers” tells: “Our team is pleased to participate in projects which promote healthy and environmentally friendly lifestyle. Although the 23rd May we spent organizing and monitoring the event The Cycling Day in Kuldiga 2015 we followed and wished the best to the impressive and beautiful representative of Latvia Aminata Savadago who performing the song “Love injected” has got the best result since 2005- the high 6th place.

The Latvian Cyclists’ Association thanks Animata Savadogo for the excellent performance, as well as Zita Kaminska for her initiative to show Latvia as cycling-friendly country in the video postcard.

The cycle courier Aldis in the video postcard of Latvia: