Full-day courier service for your company
Type of transport Indicative price
Bicycle 88,00 €
Cargo bike 96,00 €
Car (VW Caddy) 104,00 €
Van 120,00 €
Van with a lift 132,00 €
  • One price per day regardless of the number of deliveries.
  • In 8 h time courier can carry out 40-60 deliveries on average (depends on the type of transport, route, size and weight of the parcels).
  • You do not have to care about the courier`s equipment.
  • SIA “Velokurjers” is responsible for courier`s work, salary and tax payment.
  • Fuel expenses for 150 km distance in city conditions are included in the price.
  • The service is available if it is ordered at least four days in a month period.
  • The price can vary depending on the working-day length, number of deliveries, parcel type, size, weight and distance.

To know an accurate price please write to velokurjers@velokurjers.lv.

Prices are shown without VAT 21%.