The Opening of Peace Maple Alley in Kraslava

On Friday, 17th July the Director of Ltd “Velokurjers” Olegs Stoļarovs opened the Peace maple alley planting ceremony during Kraslava town festival.

Nowadays in politically unstable, multicultural and multinational environment it is essential to promote the awareness of peace maintenance importance among people. Historically Kraslava has been inhabited by people of many nationalities- Latvians, Russians, Belarusians, Jewish and Polish. It is depicted in the coats of arms of Kraslava as a boat with five oars symbolizing unity and equivalence of five nations mentioned above. Also a wood boat with 5 oars lies in garden between the Kraslava castle and bridge across Daugava.

Oleg Stoļarovs talking with municipal leader Janusz Kosmalskis of the Polish city Aleksandrów Łódzki.

Inspired by project “Trees connect”- a peace campaign during which Resista-elms were planted along the stretch from Berlin to St. Petersburg as a binding element for Europe- the director of Ltd “Velokurjers” Olegs Stoļarovs and representative of Ltd “Ķikši” Vairis Jankovskis decided to add a five maple alley symbolizing peace to the garden with the wood boat with 5 oars. The event was attended by municipal leaders of Aleksandrów Łódzki (Poland), Verkhnedvinsk (Belarus), Volokolamsk (Russia) and Kraslava, the chairman of Latvian Cyclists’ Association Viesturs Silenieks, and Vita Gaisma, one of organizers of the campaign “I am for peace” against the US invasion of Iraq in 2003.

Latvian strongmen who had a stage of Latvian strongmen championship on the same day in Kraslava helped Ltd “Ķikši” to plant 3 m high maple seedlings.

The director of Ltd “Velokurjers” Oleg Stoļarovs speaking in front of the guests stressed that exactly 15 years ago in 2000 our cyclists participated in the first cycling campaign around the world “For peace in the new millennium.” Further peace symbols in Valmiera, Riga, Roja, Ventspils, Kuldiga and Pavilosta in terms of project “BalticCycle”. This year while supporting the campaign “Trees connect” we have decided to continue to participate in this type of peace missions.

We hope that actions which promote the importance of peace-keeping awareness in public will continue and that the impact of provocative information which often appears in media on public awareness will diminish.

Video excerpt from the TV broadcast “Code of Development”: