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Velokurjers Ltd supports four Latvian cyclists on a journey to a mountain pass named in dignity of Latvian Riflemen in Tajikistan

Four cyclists have departed to Tajikistan recently, that is to say, on 22 July 2015 to mark the centenary since formation of Latvian Riflemen battalions. They will reach the 5520 meters high mountain pass named in dignity of Latvian riffleman on August 1, the date on which a hundred years ago an order was issued to form the Latvian Riflemen battalions.

The bicycle ride will take place in the region the height of which is several thousand meters above sea level and which is characterizesd by sharp temperature changes from -15 up to +40 grades. A special both summer and winter and so quite heavy equipment and food is provided to the travelers to protect them from the severe weather conditions and reduce the effect of lack of civilisation in mountains.

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