Documentary Gentlemen of Riga in film festival “KINO PEDĀLIS”

First “KINO PEDĀLIS” festival took place in Valmiera, during which the documentary about messengers Gentlemen of Riga was screened.


13-15th of May in Valmiera and surrounding neighborhoods the first film festival took place and new tradition to gather together people for a weekend devoted to cycling and cinema was started.

The event was organized by “Eži” active tourism centre and Valmiera, Kocēnu un Burtnieku municipalities and “Valmiermuižas alus” brewery.

As cyclists love cinema, the emphasis of the festival was synergy of cycling and cinema. On 13th of May was the Cinema night, where cyclists moving amongst seven cinemas could make their own movie list for the evening of Latvian and foreign movies about cycling. The festival was opened with a movie “Pulksteņmeistars” about legendary Latvian bike mechanic who devotes his life to bicyles.

During the night documentary about the messengers was shown and after the movie actors shared their experience and answered to questions about the movie.


The main event cycle ride happened on Saturday and cyclists had the option to choose from 3 different routes 35 km, 15 km, 9 km.

All day long on Saturday there was a Velo market, in the evening there was a party but on Sunday morning a farewell brunch. Thanks to the organizers for the great event.