Shipment packaging

Recommended packaging:

  • There should be used crushproof boxes with equal edges, preferably new ones. An item is put into the box, void is filled with packing material that does not allow the item to move, crash and etc. It is not allowed to put more or bigger weight in to the box than it can withstand.
  • Tender or fragile items are packed individually, preferable in the way they do not touch bottom and sides of the box.
  • Packing material (bubble wrap, foam, corrugated cartoon, cotton-wool, cutting, material, special fixing foam (you can spay them between item and box to voids) etc.) should not be saved/retrenched for items stay stable.
  • Items, sensitive to damp, dust, water need to be put in plastic bag.
  • Small items, accessories, separate accessories are to be packed up in a bag, and then to a box.
  • Strong adhesive tape has to be used (box has to be sealed with three layers from the bottom and the top).
  • Cylinder or tube form parcels must have inner pivotal enclosure, so that can be avoided possible parcel damages.
  • Seamless, smooth, unpolluted, indissoluble items (planks, slabs, cans, barrels, trunks, etc.) without sharp and protruding corners can be delivering loosed in boxes.

Mistakes in packaging:

  • Liquids starts to pour out by it self while transporting tare with liquids.
  • Lids and covers falls down from the pails, tins, etc. by it self.
  • Tape comes unglued and parcels’ content becomes available.
  • Fragile and delicate items delivered in unsuitable packed parcel (packed anyhow, not separated, touches each other).
  • Parcels on the palette are stowed so that while transporting bellow being packages doesn’t stand structure pressure from the above packages.
  • Parcels on the palette are stowed so that while transporting loses its vertical standing position and falls over.
  • Outer packing of big parcels doesn’t protect from damages while loading, transporting (that is presented as packed in not factory packaging, without a package, wrapped in thin tape, etc.).
  • A cylindrical package is not recommended since it can roll and therefore cause errors in the conveyor system
  • The package is open type (for example, a present bag)
  • In case of a too small package box an additional unit of the content is attached outside of the package.
  • The package size is smaller than 10 x 15cm
  • Big parcels (cupboards, machine-tools, etc.) are presented for delivery without pallet
  • Outer packing doesn’t stand diagonal free-fall drop test from 80-90 cm height.