Online services

1. Order the courier online!

It is simple!

1. Log in
Please call 20000041. The password is given immediately after signing of the agreement or the letter of guarantee (in contradistinction to the agreement, signing of the board of the enterprise with signing rights is not required).
2. Press “Izsaukt kurjeru”:
3. A new tab for ordering the courier opens, fill it.

That`s all! After ordering the courier you can track the parcel both in your e-mail and in the system of logging in.

Your benefits:

– save 0,20 EUR!
– save your time!
– don’t pay for the phone calls;
– after logging in, you can track your parcel, see all your orders and deliveries, your current and old bills.

2. Extra safety- track the parcel in the internet!

Right after your order a link is sent to your e-mail automatically. By clicking on it a map opens where you can follow your parcel online. This service is avalaible for A, B, and C deliveries. If you wish you can send this link to the receiver as well.


Open the online map (the displayed information changes all the time) and see
– courier`s location
– parcel receiving time
– parcel delivery time
– name of the person who has received the parcel.