Full day courier

Courier service for a full working day

  • Beneficial for companies with many daily deliveries.
  • One price per day regardless of the number of deliveries.
  • You do not have to care about the courier`s equipment.
  • SIA “Velokurjers” is responsible for courier`s work, salary and tax payment.
  • The price is for an 8 hour service and can vary depending on the working-day length, number of deliveries, parcel type, size, weight and distance.
  • See the table of car luggage compartment dimensions here.

Table Nr. 1. Full day courier service price

Type of service
Approximate sum for 1 day
Bicycle courier
56,00 €
Bicycle courier with a bike
trailer or motocourier
64,00 €
Motocourier available in a summer
period (1st April – 1st November)
Car courier
72,00 €
Includes petrol expenses for 80km
distance in city traffic conditions
Van courier
80,00 €
96,00 €
Van for multi-day journeys
50,00 € / 24h + petrol expenses + driver salary
(by an individual agreement)

All prices shown without VAT 21%.