Fixed price

Delivery in Riga for one price unaffected by distance

  • We strongly recommend You to choose this type of delivery in case You wish to plan Your expenses about different distance deliveries more conveniently.
  • This delivery is valid in whole Riga city territory and its agglomeration up to 10 km from the city centre.
  • Length of parcel receiving/ delivery time during winter or in bad road conditions (snow, rain, traffic jams etc.) may grow up to 1 h for a bicycle courier, up to 1,5 h for a car courier.
  • The Fixed C delivery price shown in the table is valid for parcels weighing up to 0,25kg and sum of dimensions not exceeding 0,66m. To know more, please visit section C delivery.

To know an accurate price please use our price calculator.
See discounts and additional payment tables in discounts & extra fees.
See the table of car luggage compartment dimensions here.

Table Nr.1 Fixed delivery prices

Delivery type
Bicycle courier
Car courier
Van courier
Delivery time
A delivery
7,00 €
12,00 €
18,00 €
Up to 3h
B delivery
5,00 €
10,00 €
Up to 6h
C delivery
2,50 €
On the next working day

All prices shown without VAT 21%