The Ltd “Velokurjers” will accompany the cycling trip “Baltic Cycle 2017”

The traditional cycling tour “Baltic Cycle” is organized by the Polish Association of travellers “CROTOS” offering cyclists 2 month long unforgettable impressions. This year the trip will begin in Spain, Bilbao on June 25 and will end in Italy, Bari on August 21. The bus of Ltd “Velokurjers” will accompany the cyclists taking their luggage and providing help and support in difficult times. The bus is equipped with a GPS which allows to track its movement. It also has a roomy luggage compartment to store bicycles.

The 3000 km long route promises to be interesting. It begins in Bilbao, the largest city in the Basque region. The expedition members will go to Barcelona along the Pyrenees on the French south, crossing Andorra to continue the journey by ferry to Sardinia. After a few days of crossing the island, the travellers again by ferry will arrive at Naples. After crossing the Italian region Campania in the west and Basilicata in the south-west the expedition will end in the picturesque city of Bari.

During the trip the travellers will have the opportunity to get to know the unique Basque, Spanish, French and Italian culture, enjoy the Pyrenees, the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. The tour begins from the largest city in Basque county Bilbao and leads to Leikitio, a typical fishing village near the Atlantic coast, where the San Pedro festival will take place. Along ridges with fabulous views of the Atlantic Ocean, the participants will ride to the Saint Sabastian city. Next they will visit San Fermin festival (bull runs) in Pamplona. Having received unforgettable emotions and full of energy the travellers will continue to ride through the Pyrenees to Lourdes- a world famous pilgrimage town, known as the place of St. Mary’s appearance, and Andorra- one of the smallest countries of Europe. There the participants will visit Pic Del Comapedrosa-one of the highest and the most beautiful mountains in the Pyrenees. Enjoy Barcelona architecture and historical sites! To see Naples Dolomites! What a wonderful experience! Next thee route leads across the Italian peninsula, known for magnificent landscapes.

If you want to participate in the trip, you can join us at any time and any stage of the route, as well as to choose – to go one day, a week, a month or the entire route!

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