Bicycle repair on the road

To support our colleagues – cyclists in the streets of Riga – SIA “Velokurjers” is offering a service – Velo SOS!. This service means that in case your bicycle breaks down when you are on the road (for example, empty tire, spoiled brakes, or just particular details need adjusting), now you can call us to 20000041, and our mechanic will come to your place to fix the bicycle, bring it to the workshop and take you home if necessary.

Velo SOS! prices:

5,00 € – ordering cost;
10,00 € – transportation cost (to workshop or the place of residence);
1,00 – 3,00 € – repair cost depending on the type of damage. If possible, we will repair the bicycle right there but in case of a serious damage we offer to repair your bicycle at our workshop according to our pricelist.

Prices are shown without VAT 21%.