Ltd Velokurjers representatives participate in European Cyclists’ Federation annual general meeting

Every year European Cyclists’ Federation members meet in one of the member countries to discuss and share the best practice of cycling infrastructure development. This year 30 member countries were represented, including Latvia.


At the end of May Ltd Velokurjers representatives Māris Jonovs and Latvian Cyclists’ Union chairman of the board Viesturs Silenieks participated in annual general meeting of ECF in Stockholm. This year there were 70 attendees representing 32 member organizations from 30 countries including Latvia. Every year one of the members organize the annual ECF meeting, previously it was held in Nantes, Dublin, Bratislava, Vienna, this year it was in Stockholm, next year in the Netherlands.

During annual meeting new members represent their organizations and countries, for other members it’s a chance to catch up and meet new people, share the experience and ideas for the future projects.

ECF President Manfred Neun was re-elected, Raluca Fiser, Ksenia Semenova and Damien O’Tuama were elected as ECF Vice presidents.

One day before the AGM members took part in ECF’s Organisational Development Workshop. The cycling advocates grasped the opportunity to learn and practice the theory of “Windows of Opportunity” in the context of advocacy and develop model business plans in policy proposals and strategic collaborations.

During this edition there have been two workshop: the first one “Investments in cycling and Cost-benefit analysis” provided the participants with a general overview over the previous highlights and the current state of the cycling related investements, along with an update regarding the new developments in process in the field, and the second one was about the new developments in the e-bike fields including speed pedelecs.