Delivery in Riga

Immediately (1-3 h)
To know an accurate price please use our price calculator!
In 4 hours time
On working days from 09.00 to 18.00 h.
To know an accurate price please use our price calculator!
Pickup today, delivery on the next working day
On working days from 09.00 to 18.00 h.
To know an accurate price please use our price calculator!
  • Discount for each delivery ordered by using online clients account
    With an address label attached – 0,50 €.
    Without the address label – 0,20 €.
    The option to print the address label is offered during the delivery registration process
  • Two or more receivers in the same building – the additional delivery price is 1,00 €.
    The discount is applied to all A, B and C deliveries in Riga.
  • More than one delivery from the same pickup address in Riga ordered at the same time (the discount is applied to each delivery) – 10%.
  • A and B there-and-back deliveries (the discount is applied to one way delivery price):
    – 10% for deliveries in Riga.
    – 75% for deliveries outside Riga.
  • If the total sum of the monthly bill exceeds 150,00 EUR without VAT, additional discounts are applied:
    – 5%, if the sum exceeds 150,00 EUR;
    – 10%, if the sum exceeds 300,00 EUR;
    – 15%, if the sum exceeds 450,00 EUR;
    – 20%, if the sum exceeds 700,00 EUR;
    The discount is applied to the total sum of all A, B and C delivery orders in Riga.
  • Parcel storage in SIA “Velokurjers” warehouse for more than 24 hours (parcels up to 3kg only) – 2,00 € / 24h.
  • Parcel packaging (price depends on parcel size, weight, type) – 2,00 – 10,00 €. The service is available for C delivery with a pickup address in Riga.
  • Transportation of fragile objects by a bicycle courier (flowers, computers, tableware etc.) – 2,00 €. The service is available at all addresses within A and B delivery / at addresses in Riga and regions near Riga within C delivery.
  • A parcel within C delivery has to be picked up or delivered at a specific time – 2,00 €. The service is available at addresses in Riga.
  • The pickup or delivery has to be repeated (for example, the sender or receiver is not at the pickup / delivery address, does not answer the phone, the parcel is not prepared for the pickup when the courier arrives etc.)
    – Base charge at addresses in Riga (excluding the distance, weight and size charges).
    – Base charge + distance charge at addresses outside Riga (excluding the weight and size charges).
  • Loading charges (If the process of loading or unloading takes more than 2 minutes) – 2,00 € / 5 minutes.
  • Waiting charge (first 10 minutes are free of charge) – 2,50 € / 10 minutes.
    The service is available at all addresses within A and B delivery / at addresses in Riga and regions near Riga within C delivery.
  • Delivery outside the working time:
    – 06.00-08.00 or 19.00-21.00 – 3,00 €
    – 21.00-06.00 – 8,00 €
  • C delivery from other countries (import) – for a delivery from other countries to Latvia an additional charge 5,00 EUR is applied.
Weight and size
  • Maximum parcel weight and size limit for each type of transport:
    – Bicycle 40 x 18 x 35 cm / 10 kg.
    – Cargo bike 40 x 50 x 60 cm / 50 kg.
    – Car 120 x 80 x 100 cm / 500 kg.
    – Van 350 x 170 x 180 cm / 1500 kg.
  • Weight and size calculation:
    A and B delivery (size): 1 length (m) + 1 width (m) + 1 height (m).
    C delivery (volumetric weight): Length (cm) x height (cm) x width (cm) : 5000. If the parcels` volumetric weight exceeds the weight, the price is charged per the volumetric weight.
  • Maximum weight and size (for C delivery only)
    – Maximum length for the longest dimension – 150cm, maximum total length – 300cm.
    – Maximum total length calculation: 2 x height (cm) + 2 x width (cm) + 1 length (cm).
    – If the parcels` total weight is over 30kg and it has to be delivered to an address outside Riga, the price shown in the calculator is applied only if the weight of one unit does not exceed 30kg.
    – To know the delivery price for parcels with maximum total length exceeding 300 cm and / or weight exceeding 30 kg please write to
Changes in delivery times
  • If the parcel has to be delivered faster than within the standard delivery time shown in the calculator, it has to be agreed with our phone operators at the ordering moment.
  • Length of parcel pickup/delivery time during winter or in bad road conditions (snow, rain, traffic jams) may grow up to 2h for a bicycle courier, up to 3h for a car/van courier.
  • If the delivery is ordered in dates between December 10 and 31, standard delivery times due to the high demand of orders are not guaranteed and before making an order it is necessary to consult our operators about the fastest possible delivery time.
Distance calculation for A and B delivery
  • If both pickup and delivery locations are in Riga or closer than 10 km from Riga centre, the distance is calculated as a straight line between both addresses.
  • If the addresses are located each on a different side of Daugava river, the calculation line consists of three parts: distance from the pickup address to the closest bridge + length of the bridge + distance from the bridge to delivery address.
  • Such kind of calculation is more accurate because it is not affected by the route choice and it is approximately 30% shorter than by calculating via roads.
  • If both or one of the two addresses is located outside Riga or further than 10 km from Riga centre, the distance is calculated via the shortest possible route.
C delivery to parcel terminals
  • Delivery to any “Latvijas Pasts” parcel terminal in Latvia (weight up to 10 kg, size up to 38x38x58 cm) – 4,50 €.
Next-day C delivery to other EU countries
  • C delivery to other EU countries on the next working day is also available. To know an accurate price for such delivery, please write to
C delivery preparation and ordering time
Parcel preparation and ordering time conditions depending on the parcel pickup address:
  • Riga: working days until 15.00.
  • Regions near Riga / Cities*: working days until 12.00.
  • Rest of Latvia: working days until 10.00.
  • Other countries: The courier picks up the parcel from the sender on the next working day after the ordering day.
  • If the pickup address is in Riga and the delivery is ordered after 15.00, it is required to contact our operators about the pickup options on the same day, and in that case an A delivery price from the pickup address to SIA “Velokurjers” office address in Riga, Lapenu street 7 is charged additionally to the C delivery price.

* Cities – addresses in Jūrmala, Aizkraukle, Alūksne, Balvi, Bauska, Cēsis, Daugavpils, Dobele, Gulbene, Jēkabpils, Jelgava, Jūrmala, Krāslava, Kuldīga, Liepāja, Limbaži, Ludza, Madona, Ogre, Preiļi, Rēzekne, Saldus, Talsi, Tukums, Valka, Valmiera, Ventspils towns.
Regions near Riga – addresses in Ādažu, Babītes, Baldones, Carnikavas, Garkalnes, Inčukalna, Krimuldas, Ķekavas, Mālpils, Mārupes, Olaines, Ropažu, Salaspils, Saulkrastu, Sējas, Siguldas, Stopiņu region.

Packaging conditions
  • If the parcel has to be picked up or delivered outside Riga, the client himself is responsible for a safe packaging – it has to be suitable for transportation and sorting by conveyor.
  • If a C delivery parcel has to be delivered at an exact time and day (for example, documentation for tenders, important agreements etc.) or it is impossible to encase it in an package safe enough for sorting by using a conveyer (non-standard, fragile contents), we recommend choosing B delivery within which the parcels are delivered without using the conveyer in the sorting process.

Recomended packaging:

  • There should be used crushproof boxes with equal edges, preferably new ones. An item is put into the box, void is filled with packing material that does not allow the item to move, crash and etc. It is not allowed to put more or bigger weight in to the box than it can withstand.
  • Tender or fragile items are packed individually, preferable in the way they do not touch bottom and sides of the box.
  • Packing material (bubble wrap, foam, corrugated cartoon, cotton-wool, cutting, material, special fixing foam (you can spay them between item and box to voids) etc.) should not be saved/retrenched for items stay stable.
  • Items, sensitive to damp, dust, water need to be put in plastic bag.
  • Small items, accessories, separate accessories are to be packed up in a bag, and then to a box.
  • Strong adhesive tape has to be used (box has to be sealed with three layers from the bottom and the top).
  • Cylinder or tube form parcels must have inner pivotal enclosure, so that can be avoided possible parcel damages.
  • Seamless, smooth, unpolluted, indissoluble items (planks, slabs, cans, barrels, trunks, etc.) without sharp and protruding corners can be delivering loosed in boxes.

Mistakes in packaging:

  • Liquids starts to pour out by it self while transporting tare with liquids.
  • Lids and covers falls down from the pails, tins, etc. by it self.
  • Tape comes unglued and parcels’ content becomes available.
  • Fragile and delicate items delivered in unsuitable packed parcel (packed anyhow, not separated, touches each other).
  • Parcels on the palette are stowed so that while transporting bellow being packages doesn’t stand structure pressure from the above packages.
  • Parcels on the palette are stowed so that while transporting loses its vertical standing position and falls over.
  • Outer packing of big parcels doesn’t protect from damages while loading, transporting (that is presented as packed in not factory packaging, without a package, wrapped in thin tape, etc.).
  • We do no recommend a cylinder form of the package because it can roll around on the conveyor belt and cause system failures during the sorting process..
  • A package is not closed completely.
  • In case of a too small package box an additional unit of the content is attached to the outside of the package. In such case a bigger package must be chosen where all parts of the parcel could fit in.
  • Size of the package is smaller than 10 x 15 cm.
  • Big parcels (cupboards, machine-tools, etc.) are presented for delivery without pallet.
  • Outer packing doesn’t stand diagonal free-fall drop test from 80-90 cm height.
  • A and B delivery: up to 5000,00 € per parcel. Valid in the whole of Latvia.
  • C delivery: up to 520 € per one unit and up to 13000 per whole parcel. An additional insurance is available.

Prices are shown without VAT 21%.