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The Latvian team comes back with awards from the International Bicycle Courier’s Competition in Switzerland

On August 04, 2013 in Switzerland, in Lausanne the 21st International Bicycle Courier’s Competition was finished. The Latvian bicycle courier’s team from Ltd “Velokurjers” participated the third year in the International Competition. It was represented by Raitis Reinis, Janis Steins and Janis Belecks, ex-champion in cargo discipline. More than 500 bike messengers from 26 states took part in the competition, from them only Latvia represented the Baltic states.

The International Bicycle Courier’s Championship is the most meaningful festivity for municipal cyclists– cycle messengers. The most rapid, powerful and skilful cycle messengers from the entire world meet once a year to estimate their forces and skills in accomplishment of various tasks. It is organized by The International Bicycle Messenger’s Federation and National Bicycle Messenger’s Associations. The competition is not only a meaningful international championship for the best cycle messengers but it also give a chance to get to know new trends in cycling culture and transport in different parts of the world.

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The Latvian team goes to Cycle Messenger World Championship in Switzerland

This year from July 27 to August 4 in Switzerland, in Lausanne the 21st Cycle Messenger World Championship will take place. The Latvian team from Ltd “Velokurjers” will participate in competition the third consecutive year. Our 4 participants will prove their endurance, dexterity, speed and ability to carry out tasks which cycle messengers constantly face everyday quickly and qualitatively. About 500 cycle messengers from 26 countries will take part in championship this year. The majority of participants come from European countries, but there will be cycle messengers from the USA, Taiwan, New Zealand, Australia and Uruguay as well. The Baltic countries will be represented by Latvia.

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Training at Cycle school will take place as well in 2013/2014 academic year

The training course at Cycle school of 2012/2013 which is organized by the Latvian cycling information centre with support of Ltd “Velokuriers”, CSDD and Road department of the Riga Dome has been finished. It took place in 4 schools: Agenskalns primary school , Riga State Grammar School No.1 and No.2, Riga Secondary school No. 85. As a result 95 young people passed examinations in traffic regulations and acquired the cyclist’s licenses.

We will continue the course in the next academic year. The Department of Education, culture and sports of the Riga Dome has prolonged terms of the license of the educational program “Training of children and teenagers to use of bicycles and to inform about cycling tourism”. We will be glad to cooperate with educational institutions for implementation of the training program next academic year!

The school of cyclists and studying of traffic regulations was organized in 2003 by the Latvian cycling information centre, Ltd “Velokurjers” and the Youth centre “Daugmale”. As a result of the school work more than 6000 children and teenagers from the Youth centre “Daugmale” and Latvian schools got knowledge of traffic regulations and passed examination for receiving a cyclist’s license.

During the course school students not only study traffic regulations, but also receive a lot of useful information about cycling transport and tourism in Latvia and in the world, types of bicycles, details and uses of certain types of them. It gives them knowledge needed to choose the most appropriate bicycle and equip it safely. Cycle messengers, professionals of cycling, also take part in lecturing; they tell about principles of safety in the conditions of heavy traffic on roads in the city in all seasons and give advice how to save the bicycle from stealing.

Cycle courier found the stolen and already repainted bike BalticBike on the market “Latgalīte”

On June 16th the mechanic of the Company Ltd “Velokurjers” discovered the repainted bike “BalticBike” at a flea market “Latgalīte” in Riga. He informed his colleagues about it. One of the couriers photographed the suspicious bike, called the police, and because the bike was previously registered in the register of vehicles in the CSDD, could prove that the market sold stolen goods.

Bicycle messenger Janis tells:

“On Saturday, when I was going to the gym, our mechanic came to the office and said he saw a repainted bike “BalticBike” on the market” Latgalīte “. I immediately went to the exploration and also found that the above mentioned bike was sold. I carefully, pretending that just stroll on foot, so as not to arise suspicion from the seller, quietly took a picture of the bicycle on the phone.

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Bike Day in Kuldiga – completed!

According to the materials of Daina Tafelberga

The fifth Bike Day in Kuldiga gathered more than two thousand supporters of an active and healthy lifestyle. The Kuldiga Bike Day was held under the slogan of the European Commission “The healthy way of life and solidarity between the generations.”

Everybody on bicycles.

“Driving to Kuldiga, you see: people with bicycles being involved in bike events or travelling by bicycles in Latvia, riding to the market, the garden or just for pleasure. Obviously, this is a real bike town” – said Sanita Emberga, the head of the press service of the European Commission. This year four routes of varying length were presented and many riders were both on the short (10 km) and the long (46 km) bike races.

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