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Velokurjers Ltd supports four Latvian cyclists on a journey to a mountain pass named in dignity of Latvian Riflemen in Tajikistan

Four cyclists have departed to Tajikistan recently, that is to say, on 22 July 2015 to mark the centenary since formation of Latvian Riflemen battalions. They will reach the 5520 meters high mountain pass named in dignity of Latvian riffleman on August 1, the date on which a hundred years ago an order was issued to form the Latvian Riflemen battalions.

The bicycle ride will take place in the region the height of which is several thousand meters above sea level and which is characterizesd by sharp temperature changes from -15 up to +40 grades. A special both summer and winter and so quite heavy equipment and food is provided to the travelers to protect them from the severe weather conditions and reduce the effect of lack of civilisation in mountains.

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Drawing the East and the West together with Elm Alleys

lorbergconnectReprinted from the newspaper “The Word of Jurmala”, No. 23 (109), 18.06.2015

2337 kilometers – 200 elms – 12 days – 6 countries

A team of four cyclists gathered by German entrepreneur Stefan Lorberg started a trip form the Branderburg Gate in Berlin to St. Petersburg on May 30, 2015. The action “Lorberg Trees-Connect” ended on June 10 in St. Petersburg, just in time for the 52nd World Congress of the International Federation of Landscape Architects.

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Latvia – the land where people cycle and write songs!

As it is known, the wonderful Latvian singer Animata Savadogo with the own composed song “Love injected” has achieved honorable 6th place in the final of Eurovision Song Contest this year. The success of the young and talented artist undoubtedly has helped to promote the recognition of Latvia in Europe. It is a great pleasure that Ltd “Velokurjers”, the member of Latvian Cyclists’ Association, has contributed to making the image of Latvia and Riga in the video postcard of Latvia during the Eurovision Song Contest this year.

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The Chairman of the Board of Ltd “Velokurjers” Oļegs Stoļarovs is reelected in the Board of “Latvian Cyclists’ Association”

2015_05_Valdes velesanas_1

The members “Latvian Association of Cyclists” (LAC) gathered at the Ērenpreiss mark bicycle store, which is likely to open soon, to elect the Board and its Chairman for the next two years on 28th May, 2015.

Viesturs Silenieks (NGO “Latvian Bicycle Information Center”) was re-elected as a Chairman of the Board. Olegs Stolarovs (Ltd “Velokurjers”), Roman Melnik ( / and Janis Kundzins (Ltd “Mind Work Ramps”) will continue to work in the Board for the next two years. The former member of the LAC Board Aldis Bergs (NGO “Zero-Emission Mobility Support Society”) canceled his candidacy for the membership in the Board in favor of a representative of cycling area. Arnis Jaundzems, the Head of Ltd SIXT in the Baltic States, which represents the self-service bicycle rental in Riga and Jurmala, was elected in the vacant Board member position.

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