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Samazinām cenas piegādēm!

Atbalstot velotransporta attīstību Eiropas Zaļā līguma plāna ietvaros, no 1. maija stājas spēkā mūsu samazinātās cenas visām piegādēm – ietaupi līdz pat 25 %!

  • C piegādei (nākamās darba dienas laikā) – no 2,50 EUR,
  • B piegādei (4 stundu laikā) – no 3,00 EUR,
  • A piegādei (nekavējoties) – no 3,50 EUR.

Pateicoties kravas velosipēdu izmantošanai, samazinām cenas arī lielāka izmēra sūtījumu piegādēm, kā arī saistībā ar klientu attālinātā darba specifiku atceļam piemaksas piegādēm sestdienās un svētdienās.

Ar mūsu elektrisko un kravas velosipēdu, parasto un kravas auto un mikroautobusu sastāvu arī turpmāk pārvadāsim visdažādākos sūtījumus – no vēstules līdz pat 1500 kg smagām kravām!

Visas cenas norādītas bez PVN.

Skatiet pilnās cenu izmaiņas šeit:

Piegādes Rīgā

A piegāde – 2 stundu laikā

  • Piegādes, sūtot, līdz 1 km attālumam maksā no 3,50 € (4,80 € vietā)
  • Cena par kilometru 0,75 € (0,80 € vietā)

B piegāde – 4 stundu laikā

  • Tagad 4 stundu laikā (5-6 stundu vietā)
  • Piegādes, sūtot, līdz 1 km attālumam maksā no 3,00 € (3,55 € vietā)
  • Cena par kilometru 0,50 € (0,60 € vietā)

C piegāde – nākamās dienas laikā

Piegādes Latvijā

A piegāde

  • Tagad no 10,00 € + 0,45 €/km (15,00 € + 0,45 €/km vietā)
  • Cena nemainīga līdz 100 kg (iepriekš piemaksa no 25 kg)

B piegāde

  • Tagad 7,00 € + 0,35 €/km (pirms tam 7,50 € + 0,34 €/km)
  • Cena nemainīga līdz 100 kg (iepriekš piemaksa no 25 kg)

Piegādes Baltijā

  • Tagad no 10,00 € + 0,45 €/km (15,00 € + 0,45 eur €/km vietā)
  • Cena nemainīga līdz 100 kg (pirms tam piemaksa no 25 kg)

Lētākas piemaksas

  • Ziedi, trauki, datori, citas trauslas mantas – piemaksa 2 € (4 € vietā)
  • Kraušanas izmaksas – tagad 2 € par 5 minūtēm (3 € vietā)

Piegādes ārpus darba laika

  • Vairs nav piemaksu par piegādi no plkst. 8 līdz 9 un no 18 līdz 19 (2 € vietā)
  • Ja piegāde jāveic brīvdienā vai svētku dienā, bet tiek pieteikta darba dienā, piemaksa piegādes veikšanai brīvdienās/svētku dienās (laikā no plkst. 8 līdz 19) netiek piemērota (3 € vietā)
  • Piemaksa piegādei no plkst. 21 līdz 6 ir 8 € (10 € vietā)
  • Piemaksa piegādei no plkst. 6 līdz 8 vai no plkst. 19 līdz 21 ir 3 € (5 € vietā)

Izsaucot kurjeru

Izsaukumiem tiešsaistes klienta kontā sūtījuma cenai tiek piemērota atlaide 0,50 € apmērā (0,20 € vietā). Lai izmantotu tiešsaistes sūtījumu veidošanas sistēmu, kļūsti par klientu.

Esošajiem klientiem:  Ja līdz šim šo klienta kontu neesat izmantojuši un nezināt savus pieejas datus, to saņemšanai lūdzam rakstīt uz ar tematu “MansVelokurjers konta dati”.

Riga is getting ready for Cycle Messenger World Championship 2018

In mid-august, the 25th annual Cycle Messenger World Championships took place in Canada. The event, which first took place back in 1993 in Berlin, brings together hundreds of city cyclists from around the world every year, creating the largest annual urban cycling festival. Cyclists, located on the streets of Riga from Velokurjers Ltd., have been participating in these competitions since 2011, taking the name of Latvia amongst the world’s fastest, strongest, and smartest city and bike commanders. The 2018 Cycle Messenger World Championship will take place in Riga, filling the city with about six hundred participants who will convene to compare their agility in more than ten different disciplines. One of the organizers of the championship, also the participant of five World, European and Nordic championships, Jānis Belecks (Nereta), has just returned from Helsinki where the Nordic Cycling Championship took place, says that anyone with a desire, a bike, a helmet, a bag and a pen can participate in the event.

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Supporting “Latvian Event Award of the Year 2017”!

“Latvian Event Award of the Year 2017” rewarding ceremony was held within the 3rd Latvian Event Forum in Jelgava 28.03.2017. Our bike messenger Jānis Šteins solemnly delivered the award- a symbolic box- as a nomination for the best small closed internal communication event. While pursuing a goal, it is needed to break the comfort zone- a box-, once it is done, we realize that we are in front of new challenges and there is a new “box” to be opened.

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The Ltd “Velokurjers” will accompany the cycling trip “Baltic Cycle 2017”

The traditional cycling tour “Baltic Cycle” is organized by the Polish Association of travellers “CROTOS” offering cyclists 2 month long unforgettable impressions. This year the trip will begin in Spain, Bilbao on June 25 and will end in Italy, Bari on August 21. The bus of Ltd “Velokurjers” will accompany the cyclists taking their luggage and providing help and support in difficult times. The bus is equipped with a GPS which allows to track its movement. It also has a roomy luggage compartment to store bicycles.

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Safe and convenient service outside Riga


Although the name of our service – Velokurjers suggests delivery by bicycle we provide delivery of different parcels also by microbuses and motorcycles in Riga, Latvia, the Baltic States, Europe and CIS countries. We have also developed a wide range of delivery types concerning time tailored to each customer’s needs and requirements.

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Bike Messenger – an Exciting, Health Maintaining Profession for the Brave-hearted!

On February 1, a frosty day, the journalist Eric from the program “Without taboos” visited the Ltd “Velokurjers” to take a challenge of working as a bike messenger. He suited one of our messengers cycling around the snowy and icy streets and meeting our customers. Cycling in traffic passing snowy and icy streets requires skills and courage, but certainly it is a healthy and exciting experience as it allows to combine hobby with work duties.

Ltd Velokurjers participates in annual Riga Cycling Conference

On 25th of November 5th Riga Cycling Conference was held at Riga City Council where experts from Latvia, Estonia, Denmark and the Netherlands met to discuss the best practice of cycling infrastructure development in Europe as well as share the experience in cycling tourism, which was the topic of this year’s conference.

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